Thursday, May 22, 2008

7 weeks down, and infinity to go!

So 7 weeks old, can you believe it! I would have shared sooner had I ANY time as motherhood is more than a full time job. But things are starting to even out, I get a little free time during the day when he is content in his bouncy chair or his swing, but usually during that time, I'm trying to suck down a cup of coffee or get something to eat, or change my clothes that he either A. peed on or B. spit up on.

"Let yourself go" takes on a whole new meaning when you have an infant. Before it used to consist of not getting dressed out of your sweats, pulling your hair up and probably not wearing any makeup, none of which I partook in before I had gotten pregnant. Now, after 7 weeks of being a mommy, letting yourself go consists of not caring that you have spitup on your shirt, or even worse, not realizing that you have spitup down your cleavage, (cheese,anyone? Okay, admittedly a little gross, but unfortunately true). It also consists of maybe getting a shower (or in my case a bath) 2-3 times a week, if its a good week. And if you do by chance get out of the house, your probably wearing your maternity clothes still because the pants are so comfortable and the shirts are the only ones that fit your engorged breasts! Well enough sharing how I've let myself go (speaking of which, I now have spitup in my hair, hopefully I get a chance to wash it out never know), You should also know how wonderful it is to watch your baby eat and listen to his adorable sounds. And how good it feels when the only one who can get him to stop crying is mommy, and that your the one who knows just how to make him smile and sometimes it feels like those smiles are for you and only you!

So regardless of how frustrating it is when the baby cries when you put him down to clean up the sick dogs mess while trying not to be sick from the smell, and realizing that there is no coffee in the house...all he has to do is make that cute smile as he dozes off in you arm to be reassured its all worth it!

So here are some of the things I've realized as a new mom!

1. You'll no longer buy bags for how stylish they are but for how well a diaper and other baby necessities fit in them (AND for how stylish they are..hence my cute new kathy van zealand that looks even cuter with a diaper in it)

2. The highlight of your shopping trip to Portland will not be the perfect black pencil skirt but the manual breast pump that amazingly gets 4 ounces from each side!

3. The cutest outfit you put on all week buttons in the crotch and has an elastic waistband (and fits a 12lb person)

4. Your most trendy piece of clothing is your moby wrap with the asian brocade that you wear your munchkin in because its easier (and way better) than carrying around a carseat. (, they're awesome...puts him to sleep in .2 minutes)

5. It is harder to make a decision of what mobile, playmat, baby mirror (insert toy or baby gear her) to get than it is to find a pair of heels that fit perfectly.

Well thats all the wisdom I'm going to share for now....he's asleep and I need to eat! I'll be back to posting more often...I've been putting my evenings to good use and I'll have to include blogging!