Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What an amazing thing....

this parenting thing that is.

My little puffin is now 3 months old (yes I prefer to refer to months rather than weeks). He is changing and becoming more of a real person (with attitude mind you) everyday. Whenever it is just the two of us, I'm constantly thinking of ways to make his brain grow, whether I'm reading to him, singing the ABC's or other fun songs, or playing with toys, everything I do makes me wonder how and who he's going to develop into!

When I first got pregnant, I was of the mindset that we were not going to have all those baby toys all over our house. You know what I mean, the swings, the bouncers, the play mats, those jumperoo thingys....but you should see my house now! It isn't THAT bad, but I'm already looking into a jumperoo (becuase they look like so much fun) and always looking for a toy out there that will help my little munchkin develop skills that he needs....although I know, really, that all he needs is interaction to build those skills, not all these toys, but they ARE fun!

In order to afford all these wonderful toys for his development, my new favorite website is Craigslist. If you haven't checked it out, its time. You can find ANYTHING on there and usually for a great price! Yes, I'm bargaining my way to a genius child!

Anyways, I think "baby martini" is going through a growth spurt. It is to be expected at three months I guess, but I've been blessed with such a good baby, that these little disruptions to his schedule don't make either one of us in a good mood. He has been having the hardest time getting naps during the day (actually, as I write this, he is sleeping in his snugli because it is pure magic to "wear" your baby, it puts them right to sleep, I promise!) he fights them with all of his might making for one cranky kid! And even worse comes 5pm when the devil child comes out, though when I speak of a devil child, I've never dealt with colic and probably am not appreciating his temperment enough.

Well munchkins is awake & hungry, so ta ta for now...I'll be back soon

~momma martini