Thursday, February 17, 2011

Moving to a new blog

I'm semi-recreating my blog direction. With the addition of a new goal of finishing my Bachelors Degree, running a half marathon, being a great wife and mom....I certainly have more going on and my new Blog, "All in a Day", is more focused on sharing all the things I come across..the cute new crochet booties pattern, a new recipe I tried, figuring out my smartphone, dealing with the terrible three's, my weightloss journey, living within a budget, and everything else that is a part of my daily life! I hope all you moms (and dads) with similar experiences feel free to share and join me on this crazy train of parenthood!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The time is right when the time is right!

So I have been noticing all the newborns and pregnancies all around me lately, which makes me soo want to be pregnant again! I know I'm not ready for a newborn right now with my very active little man running around, and I know my husband isn't quite ready yet...he'd like us to have a bit better financial situation but we have talked about trying to get pregnant again once the new year hits. That would make little man almost 3 when the new one made its arrival. I've read lots about spacing out children, and I firmly believe that 3 years is a good spacing! When little man is in daycare it will allow me lots of one on one time with the newbie like I had with him, and I really want that!

So when thinking about the next one, how do you know the time is right for your family...or do you just make the time right for right now?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shaklee Giveaway!

I think when every new mom is looking at her little bundle of joy, she immediately starts wondering how to make the world better place for her baby to enjoy. That was when I started my eco-friendly kick in life. Now, I'm not over the top, I still use plastic, because I forget my reusable bags, I don't recycle paper or cardboard, but I have saved all my glass baby food jars to repurpose them (right now, they just take up a lot of space in my cabinet) I became a vegetarian (yes, it is VERY good for the environment, google it) and started using all natural, green cleaning products. (We cloth diapered from the start, I'll talk more about that in a different post)

That was when I was turned on to Shaklee. I have some local friends who swear by it, so I did some research. Come to find out they were the first, completely eco-friendly, zero carbon-impact, company in the country, maybe the world. I was blown away by their research, the causes they support and their overall business practices (if you buy the Get Clean starter kit, they plant 5 trees to offset the carbon emissions from sending it to, right!)

Now Shaklee only sells through distributors, so...I became one, in hopes that I convert friends and family to using not only great products for their homes and their selves, but to support a really impressive company! Here's my website

So here's what I'm going to do in hopes to get more families familiar with Shaklee products, I'm going to have a giveaway!

I'm going to give 3 items from the Get Clean line to my readers (if there are any, LOL).

1. The first prize is Basic H2™ Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate and spray bottles. A GREAT all purpose cleaning solution!

2. The 2nd giveaway is Fresh Laundry Liquid Concentrate HE Compatible
, which we love and it smells great! (you can also get it in fragrance free, the winner can let me know their preferences)

3. And the final giveway is a set of Germ Off Fragrance Free Disinfecting Wipes and Basic H2™ Organic Super Cleaning Wipes

So now, how to win! Comment on this post or retweet this: Shaklee Eco-Friendly Cleaning Product Giveaway, visit!

Thanks for playing! (oh and caring enough about our environment to participate!)

~momma martini

Friday, May 15, 2009

Here are few of my favorite things

I just want to share a few things, some are mainly for baby, some for mommy...but all make me happy!

My new favorite book..
"Ten Wriggly Wiggle Caterpillars" by Debbie Tarbett. Its got the snappiest little rhymes on each page as you count down all the cute little caterpillars (which are also great for little kids to touch and count) and ends with an awesome grand finale! I highly recommend it for your reading pleasure! As your little one starts to remember the book, they'll have fun guessing the next line on each page!

I found this alphabet pasta at our local WholeFoods...(by local, I mean about an hour away!)

I LOVE IT! It's teeny tiny pasta, so it doesn't take long to cook, you don' t have to worry about your teeny tiny little one choking on it...its made with real vegetable powder and is completely organic! Throw some spinach, pasta sauce and a little cheese and its sure to please!!!
I found it online here

So I wanted to get something fun for the little mans first birthday and I actually saw a picture of this in one of my parenting magazine...did some research and got it!

It did take a little work to fit it on my bike, and I'm still not sure its on there right, but I took him for a ride and he loved it as did I! I love that he is right in front of me...he can practically rest his head in my cleavage....I do still have to work out some of the switching gear issues, but seeing that I'm not really doing any hardcore biking with it...I can live! Plus I love the bright green color!. You can check it out at

Now some grown up stuff that I'm totally loving right now....

Yummy, fruity, flirty, perfect white wine for hot summer days! Its a blend of Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon has a bit of the green-ness of the Sauv and all of the tanginess of the Pinot! Great with fish of course....but delicious by itself!

I'm a super pale, anti-beach, don't dare to tan afraid I might get skin cancer, type of girl...I tanned for like 7 sessions this spring and swear I got like 30 more moles from faking it is all I can do (and all anyone should do!) But alas, I also am very lazy when it comes to certain things, like taking vitamins, moisterizing, and putting on self tanner.... I also usually hate the smell of self-tanners so much I get self-conscious that I stink! But I've actually tried hard with this has the added benefit of firming...who couldn't use a little of that, and it kind of smells like grapefruit (and self-tanner, but I'm learning to live with it) It gives my pale skin a natural looking tan that is relatively streak free, though most of that comes with application....I even dared to put it on my upper body yesterday and don't even regret it! Give it a try!

And finally, for today, my Lose It application for my iPod Touch! I lost 6lbs using this every day...I've slacked off a bit that past few weeks....but if you are looking for a super easy, convenient way to track your food (which is the KEY to weightloss...I promise) download this app! NOW!

What are some of your favorite products for you and baby? Leave them in the comments section, I want to know all about it!

Well, Ta ta for now!
~Momma martini

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why read my blog

So tonight, as I drive home from work....(aka-the restaurant) I wonder why people would even be interested in reading my blog...except for the obvious that is...parents, relative, close friends....

I'm hardly witty, mildly sarcastic, and stupidly positive. I honestly believe that I have the cutest, sweetest, funniest kid in the whole husband complains about ME not doing the dishes or the laundry....I actually enjoy watching stupid kids shows and even more, reading kids books....I want to help the environment, so I purchase those reusable bags, but then always forget them...I want to make my kids dinner from scratch using whole foods but when I'm lazy he gets macaroni & cheese...hey its the organic kind...

I have the same complaints as any other woman...I wish we had more money, I wish I was skinnier, I wish my husband could read my mind, I wish my little boy would just say "Momma". I wish I was a celebrity....blah blah blah.... Maybe I'm thinking of all this more today because I started listening to the Dali Lahma's "The Art of Happiness". I really am a sickingly happy person...I'm not really bragging about this, its just a fact. Maybe my mom just did a really good job teaching me how to see the bright side of everything, maybe its my sign (aquarius by the way), either way, nothing gets me down for very long.

So I guess...unless you are interested in the ridiculously overpacked life of a mom, wife, blog may not be interesting. But, if you are a mom, wife, woman, who lives an overpacked, have to jump on the suitcase while someone is zipping it up, kind of person, then this is the place for you to realize that although you want to make your kids 4 birthday cakes from scratch and design them to look like the cast of Yo Gabba Gabba, you really don't have to. They just get eaten anyways! (Take it from me and my experience with the cat in the hat theme party)

Well, TTFN, I've had enough to drink tonight!
Momma Martini
Wow, naptime was a breeze today! We had an appointment at 10, then a fun playdate and therefore skipped his morning nap completely. Without a bottle and with only one book, he is out in under 5 minutes....he must be beat!

Today I was researching all the fun things to do with the little man in the great state o'Maine....and found great aquarium nearby, saw that the Children's Museum looks awesome (even for big kids like myself) and that there are some really cool next door to my good friend in York! How am I going to fit all these fun things I want to do with my little man in with one day off a week! Careful planning...thats how...though lately that is no longer my strong suit...I kind of just let the wind blow me where it wants me to go.

I guess then its good thing that we have a solid 5-6 years of easy fascination ahead of us! Maybe longer if were lucky!

On another note...I was thinking today, more like reminiscing, of all the cute little shoes I used to wear, no matter what the situation, sleet, ice, rain... they looked something like this...

And now....I wear something exactly like this....

Comfortable....check.....stylish patent leather....check....cute....not so much! They claim to tone your legs while you walk...while I can't say that I paid much attention...I am not uber-embarrased to be seen wearing them everywhere....the only complaint is that becuase of the big sole...they do NOT look good with skirts or dresses....

Aaaghhhh, oh well...they told me it would happen....every once in a while you'll still catch me in my sexy heels, but only for about 30 minutes before my feet hurt too much to walk on...ha ha ha...

momma martini

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Badd Baby

I have the most wonderfully tenatious friend who gives everything her all....and this time, well most times actually, it is really paying off! She is the designer/owner/creator of an ultra-hip, trendy, wicked cute baby clothing line... She has been working so hard on it for almost as long as her little man Jackson has been in the world (approx. 1 year) and she is so kicking ass with it! You have to check it out and by all means buy one of those adorable has always been time to support our hardworking mommies.... Here are some of those cute designs...