Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why read my blog

So tonight, as I drive home from work....(aka-the restaurant) I wonder why people would even be interested in reading my blog...except for the obvious that is...parents, relative, close friends....

I'm hardly witty, mildly sarcastic, and stupidly positive. I honestly believe that I have the cutest, sweetest, funniest kid in the whole husband complains about ME not doing the dishes or the laundry....I actually enjoy watching stupid kids shows and even more, reading kids books....I want to help the environment, so I purchase those reusable bags, but then always forget them...I want to make my kids dinner from scratch using whole foods but when I'm lazy he gets macaroni & cheese...hey its the organic kind...

I have the same complaints as any other woman...I wish we had more money, I wish I was skinnier, I wish my husband could read my mind, I wish my little boy would just say "Momma". I wish I was a celebrity....blah blah blah.... Maybe I'm thinking of all this more today because I started listening to the Dali Lahma's "The Art of Happiness". I really am a sickingly happy person...I'm not really bragging about this, its just a fact. Maybe my mom just did a really good job teaching me how to see the bright side of everything, maybe its my sign (aquarius by the way), either way, nothing gets me down for very long.

So I guess...unless you are interested in the ridiculously overpacked life of a mom, wife, blog may not be interesting. But, if you are a mom, wife, woman, who lives an overpacked, have to jump on the suitcase while someone is zipping it up, kind of person, then this is the place for you to realize that although you want to make your kids 4 birthday cakes from scratch and design them to look like the cast of Yo Gabba Gabba, you really don't have to. They just get eaten anyways! (Take it from me and my experience with the cat in the hat theme party)

Well, TTFN, I've had enough to drink tonight!
Momma Martini

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Nori D said...

Im reading it =)